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Why Choose UK Property Investment?

UK property investment remains a key asset for investors around the globe.

Driven by exceptional past performance, increasingly high demand and a level of security not found anywhere else, it’s an investment vehicle that rewards those who stick with it for the long-term.

Historically, the price of the average UK property has increased by £115,000 over the last decade, catapulting average prices from £175,982 to £291,044. Thankfully for investors, this trend is set to continue.

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Why Invest in UK Property?

The UK property market is exceptionally resilient – its stoicism throughout the turbulence of Coronavirus, Brexit, and the increase in the Bank of England base rate and mortgage rates is a testament to this. Although it is no secret that the UK property market has seen a slight downturn in 2023, this is more akin to a correction rather than a crash, and prices are set to rebound in 2024.

What’s more, the reduction in property values could signal a fantastic opportunity for both seasoned and first time investors to purchase their next property whilst prices are low. With the value of property set to increase by an average of 15% between 2024 and 2027, investing now could result in exceptional gains for the rest of the decade.

Regional areas such as Birmingham, Manchester and Derby are set to take the spotlight in 2024 and beyond as UK cities are benefitting from the London Exodus, vast regeneration and significant population growth. This bodes well for the rental sector as tenants are met with the reality of ‘indefinite renting’, a reduction in home buyer schemes, and soaring mortgage rates.

It’s these forecasts that have underpinned the success of property investment opportunities in the UK, directly appealing to investors that want long-term rental returns from their UK property.

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Where are the Best Places to Invest in the UK?

When you’re looking for the best UK property investment location, you need to consider key factors such as rental yield, property price growth and nearby amenities.

All of these metrics contribute to the potential of a UK property investment and how it could perform for you as part of a wider property portfolio.

This is why we’ve put together our ‘Best Places to Invest in the UK’ – a breakdown of the top UK property investment locations measured by their current performance and future potential.

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Best Places to Invest in the UK

Where are the Best UK Urban Regeneration Hotspots?

Properties in close proximity to regeneration schemes perform exceptionally well, making regeneration hotspots particularly important for investors to be aware of. Regeneration and redevelopment schemes can impact a variety of sectors including transport, housing, leisure and commercial spaces.

Typically, this is inward investment from local authorities and improves the amenities for all residents, which in turn attracts new tenants and buyers to the location.

Whether these include adding a new shopping centre or a completely new transport network, these redevelopments will usually impact the local property market, economy and more importantly, tenant demand.

More often than not, urban regeneration schemes have positive effects on the local area. As well as attracting new businesses and supporting a highly-skilled workforce, these new developments increase the demand for property.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that investors looking for a UK property investment with strong future potential for growth will identify these urban regeneration hotspots.

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Where are the Best Rental Yields in the UK?

When an investor looks for a new UK property investment, they inevitably want to know about the rental yields they’re going to achieve.

Rental yields sit at an average of 4.75% across the UK. However, yields in some postcodes can reach up to 10% depending on property supply and demand, regeneration, job opportunities, and a plethora of other factors.

UK property investment continues to be a lucrative asset and for many, the rental yields a property investment opportunity can offer is the focal point.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best rental yields in the UK for the year ahead, taking a deep dive into the new cities and towns that are offering rental returns for buyers.

Best Rental Yields in the UK

Where are the Best Emerging Markets in the UK?

An emerging market is a location that is forecasting sudden growth because of the local demand, amenities or businesses.

Identifying a UK property investment in an emerging market is ideal for those that want a long-term investment earning consistent rental income.

At the same time, as the location comes to the forefront, prices will typically rise. This offers both strong capital growth and hopefully, competitive rental yields.

Likewise, finding an emerging market that is undergoing a transformation usually means it’ll be more affordable, creating a more accessible entry point for UK property investment.

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Why Invest with Joseph Mews?

As a leading UK property investment company, Joseph Mews combines a broad knowledge of the market with a history of delivering unrivalled developments.

Over the last ten years, we’ve helped to deliver a number of exciting new developments, cementing our business as one of the most forward-thinking, progressive and reputable property investment companies in the UK – specialising in off-plan residential projects.

What makes us unique is our complete end-to-end service – working with proven, reputable developers to deliver their unique vision while ensuring high-quality client services at every touchpoint.

From our head office in Birmingham, we’ve consistently expanded into key global destinations including the UAE, South-East Asia and South Africa, helping clients build wealth and meet their objectives.

With an award-winning customer service offering and first-class property developments, we’ve developed incredible projects for both domestic and international audiences, delivering a portfolio of turnkey projects worth £717 million.

As an experienced UK property investment company, we only work developers that we know will deliver the very best for our clients, matching our ethos of quality, sensitivity and progression.

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