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Why Choose London Property Investment?

Despite several years of challenges, London remains a top investment target for many investors.

The UK capital has struggled to keep up with its regional counterparts over the last five years but as always, you can’t count the city out. Growth is expected to pick up in 2023 for the capital, where prices will accelerate by up to 5.6% between by 2025.

One of the major challenges that London has faced is the ‘exodus’ from the capital to regional city-centres offering more affordability.

This has been exacerbated by two clear elements – the advent of remote working and the increasingly more effective transport links in neighbouring cities.

Many residents have opted to leave central London for the South East and the Midlands, both of which can offer more affordable living conditions and still maintain easy access with the city.

One positive for the London market is the rising issue of undersupply, something that has been pulled into focus by the pandemic.

There’s a chronic housing issue in Greater London that will support price and rental growth across the capital – 52,000 homes are needed p.a. but London’s housing starts has fallen to an average of 12,500 p.a.