Best Places to Invest in UK Property in 2024

More than ever, now is the best time to invest in property. With interest rates lowering as 2024 progresses, and the market continuing to grow, many investors are considering where to invest in UK property. While buyers consider where to invest money in the UK, we’re exploring their key considerations. Namely, where are the best places to invest in UK property in 2024 and, if you know where to invest, what should you be looking for?

Where to Invest in the UK in 2024?

When we consider the best places to invest in UK property in 2024, we take several important points into account about the location including past performance, current returns and future potential. These can be broken down into several key categories such as property prices, rental yields, tenant demand, transport, employment, population growth and affordability. This highlights several key best places to buy to let in the UK:


With all of these points considered, we’re able to build out a complete overview of the best property investment areas in the UK. As you’d imagine, this not only highlights traditionally popular areas but exciting, emerging locations that could offer excellent returns.

Without further ado, here are the best places to invest in property in 2024.



Average Property Price (Zoopla)


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Average Rental Yield


JLL Price Growth Prediction 23-27


JLL Rental Growth Prediction 23-27

Birmingham remains one of the best places to invest in UK property in 2024 due to the sheer amount of regeneration, demand and growth it is forecasting for the years ahead. Most promising is theFuture City Plan which is set to revolutionise the city, adding new mixed-use developments and public spaces – it’s no wonder Birmingham is forecasting price rises of 19.2% by 2027 according to JLL.

Average rents in Birmingham have risen by a huge 9.2% over the past year alone according to Zoopla, demonstrating just how swift price growth is in the UK’s second city. This isn’t surprising considering the overwhelming success of the Commonwealth Games, continuing construction of HS2 at Curzon Street, and the abundance of inward investment. Even better, more residents and businesses are viewing Birmingham as a viable alternative to London, which is contributing to greater tenant demand. This makes Birmingham one of the best places for buy to let in the UK. Other aspects causing prices in Birmingham to increase are:

  • A rising population forecast to hit 1.24 million by 2030
  • Tenant demand from young professionals leaving London for Birmingham’s affordability
  • A 41% graduate retention rate bringing in new young professionals seeking rental accommodation

The Birmingham property investment market is largely made up of one and two-bedroom apartments throughout the city-centre. In areas like Selly Oak, rental yields are achieving up to 9.3%, while a solid residential pipeline is highlighting new standards of living in city centre developments such as SETL and The Colmore.

In terms of where to invest, transport links also remain a key factor for Birmingham’s success. Aside from the world-class links from Grand Central and Birmingham International Airport, the second city will also soon be a major hub for HS2 towards London. Despite the extension of HS2 to Manchester being cancelled, the project still remains the most exciting infrastructure development in a generation and a key reason for Birmingham being one of the best areas when investing in UK property. 

Best Rental Yields in Birmingham

  • B5 – Digbeth – 6.6%
  • B18 – Hockley – 6.5%
  • B1 – City Centre – 6.2%
  • B16 – Edgbaston – 6.0%
  • B29 – Selly Oak – 9.6%
birmingham property prices since 2011
Birmingham: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • 100,000 workers in the UK’s largest professional hub outside of London
  • 3rd best UK city for bringing in graduates with no prior links to the city
  • Young population – 40% are under-25, a huge demographic seeking rental properties
  • Ever-evolving regional Metro links connecting the city centre with regional communities
  • Sits at the core of the upcoming HS2 network, which will put Birmingham within 49 minutes of London
  • Ambitious ‘Our Future City’ plan set to regenerate the city core as well as important green links across the broader region until 2040



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Average Rental Yield


Price Growth Prediction for 2027


JLL Rental Growth Prediction for 2026

If you’re asking yourself, why invest in UK property in 2024, Derby may be an easy answer as to why you should.

A city at the very heart of the UK, Derby bridges the gap between the North and the South and is one of the leading lights of the East Midlands. Currently undergoing a major regeneration project – the ‘2030 Derby Masterplan’ – that is transforming the local landscape, Derby property price forecasts for 2024 suggest prices could increase by 20.53% over the next four years. This isn’t to mention the impressive prediction of 12% rental growth by 2026, making Derby one of the best places for buy to let in the UK.

Derby’s exceptional growth is underpinned by its youthful population and exceptional connectivity. The city has 17 universities all within an hour’s travel and is home to a student base of 34,000. With around 48% of Derby’s population under-35, there is huge potential demand for rental properties, especially considering Derby’s popularity with graduates:

  • 23% of graduates go to University of Derby and stay for work
  • 46% of graduates move to Derby for work
  • Derby has the 7th highest graduate wage in the UK – £24,100 (vs UK average of £23,100)

It’s this younger demographic that is driving the success of Derby’s rental market and reinforcing it as one of the best places to invest in UK property in 2024. Rents increased by 15.5% since 2018, and this looks set to continue as demand continues to outpace supply – a factor that will no doubt drive rental yields in Derby. 

Aside from its graduate retention, Derby is also driving new demand through its exceptional career opportunities. With several large-scale businesses – including Bombardier, Rolls-Royce and Toyota – contributing over 45,000 jobs to the local economy, there’s a huge amount of working professionals within the market that are helping push prices in a positive direction, helping Derby’s claim as one of the best places to invest in buy to let property in 2024.

Best Rental Yields in Derby

  • DE1 – 6.1% (City centre)
  • DE14 – 4.8% (Burton-on-trent)
  • DE3 – 4.5% (Mickleover)
  • DE23 – 4.5% (Heatherton)
  • DE24 – 4.4% (Alvaston Moor)
derby property price charts
Derby: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • Derby’s population set to rise by 53,000 by 2039
  • Predicted property price growth of 20.5% by 2027
  • Named the fastest growing economy in the UK
  • 17 universities are within one hour of Derby
  • 6th most productive city in the UK




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Average Rental Yield


JLL Price Growth Prediction for 2027


JLL Rental Growth Prediction for 2026

Investing in UK property with a specific interest in the North? Leeds has earned itself a reputation as one of the best places to invest in UK property in 2024 because of the strong rental returns units in this city can provide. As the second-largest banking and finance sector in the UK, Leeds has a huge pull with professionals in these sectors, which is driving demand for the rental market and subsequently pushing up rental prices. This makes the city a fantastic option for those searching for the best place to buy to let in the UK.

With a population of around 800,000, studies suggest that around 73% of Leeds households are currently renting, making the city a top destination for investors seeking long-term, consistent tenant demand.

What’s more, Leeds has one of the fastest growing economies in the country and now rivals several larger European cities, which is enticing working professionals seeking higher salaries. This is reflected in the number of people moving from London to Leeds, which has doubled over the last decade, demonstrating that this Northern Powerhouse has widespread appeal to renters across the UK.

Although Leeds’ price growth in the past has been minimal compared to its peers, the market has largely been buoyed by its excellent rental demand. Recent forecasts state that Leeds’ growth will far outweigh that of the national average, with JLL suggesting that the UK average cumulative house price growth will sit a huge 5.3% below Leeds’. So, if you’re searching for the best UK city to invest in that is set to exceed the growth trajectory of the rest of the nation, you should strongly consider Leeds.

Best Rental Yields in Leeds

  • LS4 (Burley) – 10.5% –
  • LS2 (Woodhouse) – 9.5%
  • LS6 (Headingley) – 8.2%
  • LS9 (Osmondthorpe) – 7.7%
  • LS1 (City Centre) – 7.2%
leeds property prices since 2011
Leeds: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • Huge student population of over 65,000
  • Population has grown 7x the rate of London in the last 20 years, hitting 151%
  • Demand is overwhelming supply thanks to a 34% rise in employment within the city
  • Forecasted property price growth of 14.2% by 2027
  • 73% of Leeds households are currently renting

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Average Property Price (Zoopla)


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Average Rental Yield


JLL Price Growth Prediction for 23-27


JLL Rental Growth Prediction for 23-27

A list of the best places to invest in UK property in 2024 wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Manchester, and with good reason. This Norther city is known among investors for its history of impressive capital appreciation, with property values having increased by 13% over the last five years alone.

While Manchester doesn’t have the youngest population on this list – a common indicator of rental demand – the average age is 33 and the city still experiences fantastic rental demand. Furthermore, Manchester is home to over 100,000 students and has an above-average graduate retention rate, making it a prospective rental hotspot that earns it a space on this best places to invest list.

The city has also been recognised as a top location for business start-ups, with incredible employment opportunities available at multi-million pound regeneration projects such as Spinningfields and MediaCityUK. This level of regeneration is set to bring an additional 100,000 people and 65,000 jobs to the region by 2036, catapulting tenant demand and certifying Manchester as an investment hotspot.

This is a significant reason why Manchester is anticipated to see the fastest rate of employment growth across the UK between 2024 and 2026, making it a leading destination for young professionals and one of the best places for buy to let. It’s no wonder that Manchester has the highest projected rental growth for 2023-7 at 21.6% according to JLL.

Future growth looks set to help Manchester retain its crown as the king of capital appreciation, with property prices expected to rise by 19.3% over the next four years based on JLL’s forecasts. This will be driven by the city’s rapidly growing economy and population – key metrics when answering: why invest in UK property in 2024?

Best Rental Yields in Manchester

  • M14 – 9.5% (South Manchester)
  • M5 – 6.9% (Salford)
  • M40 – 6.7% (Moston)
  • M6 – 6.5% (Pendleton)
  • M9/M11 – 6.5% (Harpurhey/Clayton)
property prices in manchester since 2011
Manchester: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • 46% of graduates choose to stay in the city
  • Over 100,000 students live in Manchester and it maintains exceptional graduate retention
  • A young population with an average age of 33
  • One of the largest regional economies out of London
  • Most impressive projected rental growth from 2023-7, making it one of the best buy to let areas in the UK



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Average Rental Yield


JLL Price Growth Prediction for 2026


JLL Rental Growth Prediction for 2026

Sheffield is a clear contender for investors asking where to invest due to its exciting future potential. The city is currently entering the early stages of its next property cycle and the number of redevelopment schemes underway are starting to reflect this. 

This city is experiencing exceptional amounts of investment and regeneration. Around £480 million has been spent on developing Sheffield’s retail sector, showing a commitment to meet the demands of a rising population. For city-centre and Sheffield North postcodes such as S1 and S3, this has helped develop one of the best places to invest in rental property, with developments achieving rental yields up to 7.6%. This is an increase from last year, where rental yields sat at a peak of 7% in the city centre, demonstrating that the vast regeneration of Sheffield is already paying off for investors.

A strong development pipeline looks set to keep driving this momentum, with numerous projects being planned as part of the ‘Heart of the City’ scheme. This will add to a city that is already overflowing with music venues, entertainment spaces and cultural hotspots. It’s these amenities that support the most exciting areas to invest in property and Sheffield has an excellent foundation to start building on.

Best Rental Yields in Sheffield

  • S3 – 7.6% (North Sheffield)
  • S1 – 7.1% (City Centre)
  • S5 – 6.7% (North Sheffield)
  • S2 – 6.1% (East Sheffield)
  • S61 – 5.5% (Rotheram)
sheffield property prices since 2011
Sheffield: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • ‘Heart of the City’ project is creating incredible new public spaces
  • Home to two universities and a diverse student population of 63,000
  • Predicting 70,000 new jobs over the next decade thanks to the Advanced Manufacturing Park
  • £480 million has been invested into the retail and leisure sector so far
  • Rental yields are achieving up to 7.6%, already higher than last year’s 7%, making Sheffield one of the best places to buy to let




Average Property Price (Zoopla)


Average Monthly Rent (PropertyEngine)


Average Rental Yield


JLL Price Growth Prediction for 23-27


JLL Rental Growth Prediction for 23-27

Liverpool remains a clear contender for buyers considering where to invest in the UK due to its impressive affordability and rental returns. City-centre postcodes in Liverpool are delivering incredible yields far in excess of the national average of 4.75%, while continued regeneration continues to help support rising property prices.

While historic price growth has been weaker than most on this list, property forecasts suggest that Liverpool could see values rise by 11.9% over the next four years. This would cement it as one of the best cities to invest in the UK for capital growth, whilst still making Liverpool property affordable for investors. Having one of the most affordable property markets, yet also being able to command exceptional rents because of the world-class amenities, job opportunities and the  lifestyle Liverpool can provide, makes the city a hotspot for investors in 2024.

This is once again reflected in Liverpool’s income to house price ratio. The city has a workforce earning salaries that are disproportionately higher than its property values, which can be useful for determining potential rental hotspots within the city’s borders.

In terms of regeneration, Liverpool is driving some of the most ambitious projects in the country. Liverpool Waters has been one of the most impactful so far and represents a £5 billion investment over 30 years, designed to deliver new spaces, tourism and nearly 17,000 new jobs for the economy. This is sure to generate even more tenant demand across the city that could lead to fantastic yields and capital appreciation for investors who snap up high-quality properties in Liverpool sooner rather than later.

Best Rental Yields in Liverpool

  • L4 – 7.2% (Anfield, Kirkdale, Walton)
  • L5 – 6.6% (Everton)
  • L20 – 6.4% (Bootle)
  • L1 – 6.3% (City)
  • L13 – 6.3% (Stanley)
liverpool property prices since 2011
Liverpool: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • Forecasting rental growth of 15.9% over the next four years
  • Large-scale regeneration with projects worth upwards of £5 billion
  • Incredible student destination with over 70,000 in the city alone
  • A global hotspot for business start-ups alongside Birmingham and Manchester
  • World renowned culture hotspots and amenities for residents




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Average Rental Yield


JLL Price Growth Prediction for 2026


JLL Rental Growth Prediction for 2026

As one of the most affordable locations on this list and the 8th largest city in the UK when measured by population, Newcastle remains one of the best buy to let areas in the UK because of its incredible graduate retention rate and its growing population.

It is also worth noting that Newcastle is one of the best ‘start-up incubators’ in the country, attracting entrepreneurs from across the nation to set up shop. This in turn attracts young professionals who are looking for employment opportunities, welcoming more individuals into the Newcastle pool of searching tenants. This has had a huge impact on rental prices that will continue to grow alongside demand, contributing to Newcastle being one of the best property investment areas in the UK.

The biggest problem for Newcastle over the last five years has been its challenges in building capital growth. While postcodes such as NE1 and NE8 have delivered yields over 7%, property values haven’t reflected this rapid growth. However, this bodes well for investors, as property remains affordable to purchase whilst rental values continue to rise. This also makes Newcastle a relatively affordable city to invest in with an average property price of £221,796, one of the lowest on our list of the best places to invest in UK property in 2024.

Home to some major corporate headquarters including Fenwick, Goldsmiths and Greggs, Newcastle is no stranger to housing large-scale, global brands. At the same time, the city is building on a strong education and digital foundation to deliver a standard of career opportunities not seen elsewhere in the region.

Best Rental Yields in Newcastle

  • NE8 – 7.7% (Gateshead)
  • NE1 – 7.3% (City)
  • NE6 – 6.7% (Walkergate, South Heaton)
  • NE63 – 6.6% (Ashington)
  • NE15 – 6.5% (Throckley)
newcastle property prices since 2011
Newcastle: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • Postcodes such as NE1  and NE8 are delivering yields over 7%
  • Market-leading start-up incubator for building new businesses and attracting young professionals
  • Home to the headquarters of large national brands – another driver of demand
  • A student population of over 50,000
  • Leading cultural scene for the wider North-East



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Average Rental Yield


JLL Price Growth Prediction for 2026


JLL Rental Growth Prediction for 2026

Leicester represents one of the more established ‘emerging’ cities on this list, underpinned by one of the strongest economies in the country driven by an incredible manufacturing sector. This East Midlands city is home to some large-scale UK employers including Walkers, Dunelm and Next, making it a hotspot for career opportunities.

This demand for work is further boosted by the Leicester NHS Trust, one of the busiest trusts in the city and an employer for over 15,000 people. For investors seeking long-term, consistent rental demand, these are all key signposts for success.

Thanks to its location within the East Midlands, Leicester has incredible connectivity with major destinations including Birmingham and London. With Birmingham accessible in 48 minutes and London in 92 minutes, it’s ideal for commuters that want a more affordable lifestyle.

These transport links and employment opportunities have fostered an exceptional level of demand that has translated into the local property market. Property values have more than doubled over the past decade from £121,896 in 2013 to £264,558 in 2023, demonstrating that Leicester is ahead of the curve when it comes to property price growth. So, while rental yields aren’t the highest on the list, this capital growth makes for a compelling investment case.

Best Rental Yields in Leicester

  • LE1 – 6.6 (City)
  • LE3 – 4.4 (Braunstone and Glenfield)(Leicester West)
  • LE4 – 4.3 (Birstall and Thurmaston) (Leicester North)
  • LE5 – 4.2 (Evington) (Leicester East)
  • LE18 – 4.1 (Wigston)
leicester property prices since 2011
Leicester: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • One of the UK’s top 10 economies
  • Exceptional connectivity with major UK cities including London
  • Home to major UK headquarters for brands including Walkers and Next
  • Property values more than doubled since 2013
  • A population set to rise by 11% by 2031



Average Property Price (Zoopla)


Average Monthly Rent (PropertyEngine)


Average Rental Yield


JLL Price Growth Prediction for 2026


JLL Rental Growth Prediction for 2026

Nottingham flies under the radar for many ‘best places to invest in UK property 2024’ lists but nevertheless, it has shown tremendous growth over the last five years and is now a key investment hotspot for the East Midlands. So, if you’re searching for the best city to invest in the UK, Nottingham ought to be on your radar. 

The city’s main strength is its high capital growth over the last decade and the potential for long-term yield growth in the future. Home to two major universities relatively close to the city-centre, Nottingham continues to see exceptional tenant demand and a rising creative sector that is attracting waves of graduates from both in and around the city.

Nottingham is also much more affordable than many other locations on this list, which has contributed to market-leading yields in city-centre postcodes including NG1 and NG7. Achieving yields of over 8% is rare in any city, yet Nottingham’s city centre properties have the potential to achieve rental yields of 8.1%. For investors considering an investment targeted at students, Nottingham remains one of the best places to buy to let in the UK.

Another major contributor to Nottingham’s rising population is Queens Medical Centre, a ‘super-hospital’ that’s also a leading teaching hospital in the UK and home to over 6,000 medical staff, many of whom are looking for residential accommodation within the city.

Best Rental Yields in Nottingham

  • NG1 – 8.1% (City)
  • NG7 – 6.7% (Lenton)
  • NG6 – 6.2% (Bulwell)
  • NG5 – 5.4% (Daybrook and Arnold)
  • NG8 – 5.2% (Broxtowe & Wollaton)
nottingham property prices since 2011
Nottingham: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • 70% of the population is of working age in one of the city’s many businesses
  • Huge regeneration schemes due to increase tenant demand such as Broadmarsh and The Island Quarter
  • Market-leading yields of over 8.1% in the city-centre
  • Massive student population buoyed by two city-centre universities
  • Houses the Queen’s Medical Centre – a ‘super-hospital’ that provides 6,000 jobs to the economy



Average Property Price (Zoopla)


Average Monthly Rent (CityLets)


Average Rental Yield


JLL Price Growth Prediction for 2027


JLL Rental Growth Prediction for 2027

All of our choices for the best places to invest in UK property have been located in England thus far – now it’s time for Scotland to shine. The Glasgow property market has long played second fiddle to that of Edinburgh but now, we’re starting to see the city stand apart. As Scotland’s most populated city, Glasgow’s affordability and potential for high rental returns make it an incredibly tempting offer for investment.

With the largest economy in Scotland, Glasgow generates nearly £27 billion every year thanks to a strong industrial and manufacturing foundation, recently boosted by the £118 million new campus for the local university, earning it the nickname of ‘Scotland’s Silicon Valley’ and further demonstrating its potential as one of the best areas to invest in property.

Glasgow is also recognised as a top destination for culture and associated amenities. As one of the first ‘European Capitals of Culture’ in 1990, it has used this momentum to create a thriving cultural scene that features a broad range of museums and art galleries.

In terms of property prices, Glasgow prices have skyrocketed, sitting at just over £96,000 in 2013. This equates to a 136% increase in property values in just a decade, an incredible achievement largely driven by its business sector and regeneration. For investors, this potential could mean a significant price increase in the future.

Best Rental Yields in Glasgow

  • G2 – 8.1% (Glasgow Charing Cross)
  • G5 – 8.1% (Gorbals)
  • G20 – 8% (Gilshochill and Wyndford)
  • G42 – 7.7% (Crosshill)
  • G31 – 7.7% (Haghill)
glasgow property prices since 2011
Glasgow: Best Place to Invest in the UK?
  • One of the UK’s biggest student centres with incredible campus regeneration planned
  • The 4th largest economy in the UK that generates £27 billion a year
  • Scotland’s most populated city and incredibly affordable in the UK market
  • Huge cultural scene driven by the ‘1990 European Capital of Culture’ award
  • A solid development pipeline of residential property aiming to double the population by 2030, making the city one of the best places to buy to let

Best Places to Invest in the UK for Capital Growth

If you’re looking to build capital appreciation, these are the best places to invest in the UK for capital growth:


City Property Price Growth Last 10 Years Growth Next 4 Years


53% 19.3%
Birmingham £244,741 46% 19.2%
Leeds £248,931 44% 14.2%
Glasgow £226,741 57% 14.2%
Liverpool £191,335 45% 11.9%

Source: Zoopla, JLL

Looking at the growth for these specific cities we can truly see the effect that the ‘London Exodus’ has had on regional locations, establishing them as the best places to invest in UK property in 2024 and some of the best buy to let areas across the nation.

While the North West has led the way over the last five years and has incredible projections going forward, Glasgow has shown exceptional growth over the last decade with its property prices more than doubling. Furthermore, its property prices remain some of the least expensive in the UK, certifying the Scottish city as one of the best property investment areas in the UK for investors that want rental returns and capital appreciation.

Powerhouse cities Birmingham and Manchester also remain investment hotspots for 2024 and beyond having achieved exceptional growth over the last decade in terms of property prices. Both of these cities are expected to see over 19% property price growth over the next four years, a prediction unmatched by any other cities across the UK.

Best Places to Invest in the UK for Rental Yields

Looking to invest in the UK? If you’re deciding where to invest based on rental returns, these are the best places to invest in the UK for rental yields:


City Property Prices Current Yield Est. Rental Growth (’27)
Manchester £251,038 7.2% 21.6%
Birmingham £244,741 6% 19.3%
Leeds £248,931 6.5% 15.9%
Liverpool £191.335 5.8% 15.9%
Glasgow £226,741 6% 15.3%

Source: Zoopla, PropertyData

The top performers are delivering returns above 5.5%, with Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester remaining in the list from last year.

New to the list are Leeds and Glasgow, both of which are expected to see rent price growth of over 15% by 2027 according to the latest data from JLL. Investors can expect to see exceptional rental yields in these northern cities, with Leeds achieving a huge 6.5% rental yield and Glasgow achieving 6%. With less capital required to purchase property in Glasgow, we anticipate that 2024 will see an abundance of new investors looking to this Scottish city to kickstart their portfolio.

Where are the Worst Places in the UK for Buy-to-Let?

While some locations are succeeding, some are failing. It is vital that you are aware of these locations that are achieving minimal growth when investing in UK property in order to make the most measured investment decision. These are the current worst places to invest in the UK for buy-to-let, largely because of expensive initial outlays and low yields:


City Property Prices Current Yield
City of London £2,388,107 1.4%
Kensington and Chelsea £2,097,726 1.7%
Chiltern £1,071,041 1.8%
Stratford-upon-Avon £575,190 2.0%
Wokingham £611,725 2.0%

Source: Inside Conveyancing 

As you can see, London’s increasingly expensive property market has led to reduced returns, especially in central London where average rents are only delivering a 1.4% yield. This is exactly the same as last year, demonstrating that there has been no growth in rental yields for investors whatsoever over the past 12 months.

Chiltern in the South East has suffered a similar fate to London, with investors having to fork out millions of pounds to secure a property that will only provide a 1.8% yield. Another South East location, Wokingham, provides comparably low rental yields of 2%, demonstrating that even London’s commuter towns and cities are providing poor yields.