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Your Investment Review: How We Review Your Portfolio

how we review your portfolio

Property portfolio reviews are immensely important when it comes to creating a stable, profitable portfolio of units that works for you. In fact, failing to review your portfolio on a regular basis can lead to losing track of your investment goals and a lack of diversification. However, creating a stable and lucrative property portfolio is no easy feat, and requires rigorous management. 

Andrew Segal, Managing Partner at Joseph Mews, explained

“When it comes to creating a successful property portfolio, it is essential that you regularly undertake investment reviews. These can provide clarity and allow you to re-focus on your overarching investment goals.”

He continued:

“Oftentimes, being a buy-to-let landlord, you feel as if your portfolio is simply ‘ticking along’. Here at Joseph Mews, we undertake thorough portfolio reviews to ensure that your property investments aren’t just getting by, but thriving. 

As 2024 sits on the horizon and many of us look to our future plans, there really is no better time to book in a portfolio review with the Joseph Mews team to get your investments on track for the New Year”

But how can you obtain a reliable investment review, and what do they actually consist of? In this blog, we will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the process the Joseph Mews team undertakes when we carry out a property portfolio review, aimed at elevating your property investments to new heights.

Performance Assessment

The bedrock of our property portfolio review process is the evaluation of your current property investment portfolio. We employ a multifaceted approach to scrutinise various aspects of your portfolio, looking into:

Performance Metrics:

  • We scrutinise rental income, void periods, and overall cash flow to understand the extent to which your investments are yielding the returns you want. This allows the Joseph Mews team to better understand where there is room for improvement by pinpointing specific units or locations that are stopping your portfolio from achieving its full potential

Funds Availability: 

  • We delve into the capital you have committed to your portfolio, providing insights into the financial resources at your disposal. This information is key for understanding if you have the funds to seek out new investment opportunities or whether you can afford a restructuring of your existing assets. This is particularly important if you are hoping to purchase your next buy-to-let unit in the future and want to understand what is feasible.

Want to find out more about how much your investments could reap? Explore our Investment Calculator.

Leveraging Opportunities: 

  • Leveraging can substantially impact your real estate portfolio if applied correctly. Our team help you identify potential avenues for utilising your existing assets as collateral so you can finance new investments and boost the overall value of your portfolio.

Offloading Strategies: 

  • Not all investments work out the way you planned: that’s why we assess underperforming properties and collaborate with you to create offloading strategies if necessary.

Diversification Strategy

Diversification is a cornerstone of risk mitigation and can help you create a property portfolio that can weather any storm. That’s why we look into the types of properties within your portfolio. It may be the case that your investments are concentrated within a particular niche, such as 2-bedroom flats or 4-bedroom detached houses. If so, we explore opportunities for diversifying your property types to ensure a balanced, stable income stream. The same goes for the location of your property investments: a greater spread in location is key to mitigating risk and ensuring that local market fluctuations have minimal impact on your portfolio success.

Alignment with Goals

To make the best investment decisions for you, it is vital that you understand your investment objectives. The Joseph Mews team works collaboratively with you to gain clarity on your ambitions, strategy, and investment goals. By understanding your investment strategy—whether it’s geared toward generating passive income, securing a retirement fund, or funding significant life events like your family’s education—we align our recommendations with your strategic vision.

Strategic Location Assessment

The evaluation of property locations is a key aspect of our review process. We meticulously assess this aspect to ensure your investments are optimally situated and diversified. We look into market trends, identifying locations with great growth potential in the years ahead

Here at Joseph Mews, we don’t just look into the best locations to invest in across the UK – we extend our portfolio reviews to investors from across the globe, making the UK market accessible to all. Managing Partner Johnny Conran explained:

“Here at Joseph Mews, we have the unique advantage of being able to provide portfolio reviews for investors across the globe, having already helped thousands of overseas clients to build their wealth through property. The UK property market has long been a safe haven for international investors thanks to its stability. However, investing overseas can be daunting and confusing regardless of whether you are an experienced buy-to-let landlord or just starting your property journey. 

Accessing the right resources and people to help you on your journey can be a challenge and we pride ourselves on being able to connect you with the right partners for mortgages, conveyancing, lettings and furnishing to make your investment journey a breeze.

Our thorough portfolio reviews take into account how property investment in the UK compliments your broader investment strategy and can provide you with valuable recommendations and insights to help your portfolio thrive”

Tailored Recommendations

All of this information on property diversification, performance metrics and location analysis is vitally important, but what is more important is how you proceed after your portfolio review. That’s why we conclude our review by providing you with a set of bespoke recommendations. These recommendations are designed to optimise your property portfolio and may encompass:

Investment Opportunities:

  • We provide you with tailored investment options that align with your goals, risk tolerance, and financial capacity. With a range of property investment opportunities across the country, including lucrative off-plan properties in cities such as Birmingham and Manchester, we are able to pinpoint the best possible investments for you. 

Strategic Restructuring: 

  • When necessary, we offer guidance on offloading underperforming properties, reinvesting the proceeds, or leveraging your existing assets.

Schedule A Portfolio Review With Joseph Mews

Regular property portfolio reviews are essential to maintain a stable, lucrative property portfolio that works for you. Looking for a thorough review of your property portfolio that leaves you with clarity and guides you towards making the next best steps in your property journey? Get in touch with the Joseph Mews team!

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