Birmingham Smithfield

Birmingham Smithfield is in the midst of its biggest regeneration to date, a transformation of the the area into a hub of living, working and socialising. Interested in investing in Birmingham Smithfield? Below, we discuss the key projects in Smithfield, its expanding population and why you should invest in the area.

Is Birmingham Smithfield a Good Property Investment?

A project overseeing the transformation of 14 hectares of land between Arcadian and Birmingham coach station, the modernisation of the Smithfield area is a key cog in the redevelopment of the city centre’s Eastside and Southside quarters. Once considered the birthplace of Birmingham, Birmingham’s Southside remains a prime location due to the cultural offerings of both Chinese Quarter and Theatreland. Birmingham Eastside’s ‘knowledge hub’, Digbeth’s Creative Quarter and the city centre’s enormous leisure and retail offering are all also within touching distance.

Why invest in Birmingham Smithfield?

  • Birmingham Smithfield estimated to create 3000 new jobs
  • Birmingham’s population is expected to reach 1.24 million by 2030
  • Smithfield regeneration project totals £1.5 billion
  • 300,000 sq.m of new retail and commercial space across Birmingham Smithfield

Birmingham Smithfield – A Place of Opportunity

Birmingham Smithfield, along with Digbeth and the wider Eastside, represents the long-term future of the city. Prices in these areas tend to be more affordable than established markets such as Edgbaston or Harborne but are forecasting much higher price growth due to their location near the city-centre.

As regeneration starts to transform the surrounding area, places such as Birmingham Smithfield will become incredibly desirable for residents that want to be at the heart of the action with nearby amenities.

Key Projects in Birmingham Smithfield

Birmingham Smithfield Regeneration: Combining Birmingham’s historic markets with 300,000 sq.m of new floor space for retail and leisure outlets, Birmingham Smithfield’s £1.5 billion makeover promises to breathe new life into one of Birmingham’s forgotten areas. The development of Festival Square will connect the city’s core to the wider areas like Digbeth with a zero-carbon development prioritising pedestrians and cyclists for even greater foot traffic. It will further see the creation of 2,000 new homes and 3,000 new jobs, new family spaces and cultural buildings.

HS2: With the introduction of Curzon Street’s HS2 station, the commute from Birmingham to London will decrease to just 45-minutes, creating 22,000 jobs in the process. Just a 20-minute walk from the Smithfield development, commuters and travellers stationed there will find themselves with the West Midland’s most enviable connection links, as Birmingham’s New Street Station also boasts direct links across the country is also just twelve minutes away by foot.

Paradise & Arena Central: the recent development of Birmingham’s business district is within walking distance of Smithfield, ideal for young business or finance professionals that want the affordability of properties on the fringes of the city centre. With the largest business, professional and financial hub outside of London, Birmingham’s commercial core employs more than 100,00 people and continues to attract the eyes of the world.

Tenant Profile

Understanding the demographic of tenants in an area is a great way to start your investment planning. Introducing Francesca, a tenant in the Smithfield area.

Francesca is a qualified A-Level drama teacher in her late 20’s. She’s on a salary of around £28,000 and she’s flat sharing with a friend. She’s driven, from a middle-class family and her gap year backpacking across Asia has equipped her with a real sense of adventure in the kitchen.

She’s chosen Smithfield so that she can walk into work but, being on the outskirts of the city, rent is more affordable. Her travels have inspired her culinary endeavours, and she’s grateful for trips to the nearby Day In Chinese Supermarket for stocking up her exciting larder and allowing her to recreate the dishes she loved.

Francesca’s love for the performative arts has naturally led her to reside in Birmingham’s Southside, home of Birmingham’s Royal Ballet, Hippodrome and Alexandra Theatre. She’s always on the hunt for a ballet at Birmingham Royal Ballet or theatre production at the Hippodrome to take her students to.