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What Does A Property Investment Company Do?

What Does A Property Investment Company Do?

What Do Property Investment Companies Do?

A property investment company is a business that provides property services for budding investors. Their main job is to help property investors source and purchase properties that meet their criteria, budget and long-term investment goals. The vast majority of property investment companies have a clear focus on the buy-to-let market, sourcing units that are appropriate for investors to purchase and subsequently rent out to tenants.

Many investment companies, including Joseph Mews, have a focus on off-plan properties in established or up-and-coming areas that provide excellent opportunities for buy-to-let investors. 

Advantages To Using A Property Investment Company

Still wondering whether working with a property investment company is the best option for you? Enlisting the expertise of a property investment company comes with an abundance of advantages that can streamline your path to investment success…

Exclusive Access To Properties

Property investment companies often have established networks and relationships in the real estate industry, which can grant them access to properties that may not be available to the general public. This exclusive access can provide investors with opportunities to invest in high-quality properties that are not widely advertised or accessible through traditional channels. Some investment companies may have exclusive marketing rights, meaning that you can only source properties within a specific development by working with the associated property investment company. But that’s not all – this exclusive access to properties not only grants investors the ability to source these units before anyone else, but by working with an investment company that has direct contact with the developer you could secure your next investment unit for a very competitive price.

Expert Advice

A good property investment company will employ experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the real estate market. Many carry out their own research in order to convey their expertise and understanding of the market, and are able to pinpoint up-and-coming investment hotspots that may otherwise fly under the radar. These insights can help investors make informed decisions about their property purchases. Whether it’s conducting thorough due diligence on properties, assessing investment opportunities, or developing strategic investment plans, expert advice can significantly benefit investors and contribute to their long-term success.


Investing in real estate can be a time-consuming process that requires extensive research and management. By partnering with a property investment company, investors can leverage the company’s resources and expertise to streamline the investment process and save time. Since property investment companies handle tasks such as property sourcing, due diligence, acquisition, management, and ongoing support, investors have time to focus on other aspects of their lives or businesses without sacrificing the potential benefits of real estate investment.

How Investment Companies Match Investors With Properties

It is a property investment company’s job to find units that perfectly match the budget, criteria and goals of an investor – but how do they do it? Here at Joseph Mews, we embark upon a thorough assessment of our client’s property goals, existing portfolio (if they have one) and financial position in order to recommend units that truly suit their needs.

Then, we will use this information to advise on the best strategies, locations and developments to meet these requirements and help our clients on their journey to building wealth through property,as well as providing end-to-end support throughout the buying process. Having helped hundreds of investors source the next addition to their portfolio, investment companies such as Joseph Mews can recommend mortgage brokers, solicitors, financial advisors and management companies that we have worked alongside and trust. 

Andrew Segal, Managing Partner at Joseph Mews said:

“A truly fantastic property investment company shouldn’t just push their latest development, or nudge you towards a property that doesn’t suit your needs. They should work alongside you to truly understand what you are looking for, what is feasible for you financially, and collaborate with you to recommend units that fit into your wider portfolio.”

Choosing Joseph Mews

Joseph Mews works towards one vision – helping you create wealth through property investment. We don’t just provide an exceptional service that matches investors with their ideal properties: we do so much more…

  • A Comprehensive Service: We provide a 360-degree service that places emphasis on investment aftercare: when you choose Joseph Mews as your property investment company, we will continue to provide advice and guidance long after completion
  • Off-Plan Specialists: Joseph Mews focuses on off-plan developments that are yet to be completed, allowing you to purchase direct from the developer, and usually for a better price. This allows you to optimise your returns.
  • Truly Global: With offices in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, we are a truly global company that is able to accommodate investors no matter where they are based.

Looking to work with a property investment company that goes beyond your expectations? Get in touch today or explore current opportunities here.

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