New Apartments for Sale in Derby

Find your next investment opportunity. Discover our brand new apartments for sale in Derby – an ideal off-plan property investment for any portfolio.

  • Off-plan apartments for sale in Derby city-centre
  • Affordable locations delivering exceptional rental yields
  • Leading price growth forecasts of 24% by 2025

Should You Invest in 1-Bed or 2-Bed Apartments in Derby?

It’s a conundrum for any investor – should you invest in a 1-bed apartment or a 2-bed apartment?

The simple answer is – it depends on your own investment strategy. Different property types are suited to different objectives and plans, so if you’re buying new apartments for sale in Derby, it’s fair to say that both investment assets are viable within the local market.

Why Invest in a Derby 1-Bed Apartment? 

1-bed apartments tend to be favoured by young professionals – a common demographic in city-centres and can be incredible assets for those targeting consistent rental yields. Because of their affordability for both tenants and investor, 1-bed apartments are generally always in demand.

Why Invest in a Derby 2-Bed Apartment? 

2-bed apartments are excellent for attracting professional couples, sharers or those looking for more space. As lockdown has accelerated the popularity of remote working, many people are looking for extra space for a home office, something a 2-bed apartment can offer. These assets tend to be the most flexible and have historically offered the best rental yields of all property types.

Should You Invest in Apartments in Derby?

Despite its high level of performance, Derby is still a relatively uncommon investment destination and you may be asking: should you invest in property in Derby in 2022?

The city is one of the highest-yielding, affordable markets in the country and it’s only forecasting further growth – with rising property prices and rental yields.

Since 2010, a Derby property investment has risen in value by £65,900, driven by new amenities meeting resident needs.

With only 17,800 Derby properties in the rental market, there’s an increasing disparity that could result in rising performance going forward.

Savills forecasts suggest that Derby (along with the wider East Midlands) could see prices rise by 17.5% by 2026 – highlighting the potential for investors to seize the opportunity to invest early.

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