New 1-Bed Apartments For Sale in Derby

Find your next investment opportunity in Derby. Discover brand new 1-bed apartments for sale in Derby.

  • Prime city-centre location in the UK
  • Affordable entry point into an emerging investment market
  • Leading price growth forecasts of 17.5% by 2026

Why Invest in a 1-Bed Apartment in Derby?

When it comes to finding a prime Buy-to-Let opportunity in Derby, a 1-bed apartment can be incredibly versatile. Appealing to both single occupants and couples, 1-bed apartments in city-centre locations are also extremely popular with graduates and young professionals.

For investors, a 1-bed apartment in Derby is an affordable entry point into the market that will likely drive consistent demand.

With a strong university base and 46% of graduates moving to Derby for work, the city is supporting an ambitious, young professional demographic that is likely to rent. With this demographic accounting for 48% of the city’s population under-35, 1-bed apartments are a key asset amongst wider investment opportunities in Derby.

Derby Apartment Property Prices

One-bed apartments are typically a good choice for investors that want long-term, consistent rental returns. As an accessible and flexible asset, the potential for both high-performing rental yields and capital growth within these new apartments for sale in Derby is rising.

We’ve already seen Derby property prices rise by £67,000 over the last 10 years but the next four years could see an additional 17.5% increase.

Derby apartments have specifically seen prices rise by 31.5% between 2011 and 2022, translating to an increase of around £24,900.

Likewise, year-on-year rental growth for the East Midlands and Derby led the way in the UK between 2020 and 2021 – rising by 8%.

It helps that Derby remains an affordable market despite this forecasted growth, a clear entry point into an emerging market and a common answer to the question: why invest in Derby?

Rental Demand for Derby Apartments

Derby has 17,800 rental properties in its local market but a population of 265,500 which is set to rise by 20% by 2037.

While this highlights the disparity between supply and demand in the city, it also acts as a key signpost for why property prices are on the increase.

With 48% of the population under-35 and 64% of Derby workers also living in the city, it’s easy to see why the rental market is thriving when it’s supported by such a large demographic that is likely to rent locally.

Thanks to Derby being the most central city in the UK, this working demographic is backed up by nearly 6 million people being within an hour of travel, highlighting why Derby is so popular with both inward and outward commuters.

Finally, Derby has the highest graduate salary outside of London in England, which is attracting a broad range of new workers that are looking for quality residential accommodation.

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