Birmingham vs. Manchester

The Ultimate UK Property Investment Face-Off Webinar

Join our upcoming ‘Birmingham Vs. Manchester: The Ultimate UK Property Investment Face-Off’ webinar on 29th November 2023, to gain valuable insights on these prime locations that could shape your next investment decision.

  • Session 1: Wednesday, 29th November, 4:00PM (GMT)
  • Session 2: Wednesday, 29th November, 8:00PM (GMT)

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When it comes to making strategic property investments in the UK, the choices often narrow down to two prime locations – Birmingham and Manchester. These cities have not only witnessed substantial growth in the last five years but are also projected to be the frontrunners in terms of capital growth and rental yield by 2026. If you’re contemplating your next move in the UK property market, our latest webinar, ‘Birmingham Vs. Manchester,‘ happening on 29th November, 2023 promises valuable insights that could shape your investment journey. We will be launching a brand new city centre investment opportunity LIVE on the webinar.

We’ll be running a session at 4:00pm (GMT) and 8:00pm (GMT), so please register for whichever suits you.

Webinar Face-Off Agenda:

  • Round 1: 5-year Property Market performance and Economic Indicators, unveiling key insights into the economic prowess and growth trajectories of Birmingham and Manchester.
  • Round 2: Rental Market & Lettings comparison between both cities. We are thrilled to have two expert speakers representing Birmingham City and Manchester City join us and engage in a dynamic discussion. Together, they will provide a comprehensive overview of the lettings market, offering valuable insights and perspectives that promise to enrich your understanding of the rental market in these vibrant cities. 
  • Round 3: Employment & Businesses, providing a detailed examination of the job markets and business landscapes in Birmingham and Manchester, aiding you in understanding the economic vitality of each locale.
  • Round 4: Regeneration scope, highlighting on the ongoing and upcoming regeneration projects that contribute to potential appreciation of property investments.
  • Final Round: Exciting face-off on Off-plan Investment opportunities in both cities and Cashflow presenting exclusive insights into the potential returns and long-term benefits of investing in these cities.
  • The Launch of a Brand New City-Centre Development LIVE on webinar
  • Live Q&A

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